Online Resources

Online Resources

Restoring the Mississippi River from the current industrial River corridor to a more natural recreational resource is part of MCNC’s mission. Our city, state, and nation rely heavily on this great Water Resource. Please follow the links below to learn more.

EPA Toxic Release Inventory

Enter your zip code and find out what toxic substances are bieng released in your area!

Minnesota Department of Health website on NE Asbestos contamination

Site gives information about Libby Asbestos contamination from the W. R. Grace facility

Tree Trust

Tree Trust provides community forestry services and tree planting programs aimed at providing public education on the benefits of healthy urban forests, and jobs for low-income community members.

Minnesota League of Conservation Voter’s Scorecard for Minnesota Politicians

The Minnesota League of Conservation Voters tracks the votes of State and National elected officials on key environmental bills. This site allows you to review the voting record of your local politician on environmental issues, and make the decision on wheather or not they are doing an adequate job protecting the environment.

EPA website for NE Minneapolis Asbestos Cleanup

EPA’s website giving information on the clean up of asbestos contaminated soil in NE Minneapolis Neighborhoods surrounding the former W.R. Grace industrial site.

Heinz Center D.C.

A nonprofit institution dedicated to improving the scientific and economic foundation for environmental policy through multisectoral collaboration among industry, government, academia, and environmental organizations.

Air Quality

Twin Cities Air Quality Index

Study: Cumulative Effects of Air Pollution on Childrens Health Study

Issues relating to burning of household materials

Information on health and environmental effects of burning household wastes

Environmental Health

Mercury Emissions and Health

Environmental Integrity Report

Scorecard- Pollution by Zip Code

Pesticide Management Plan – MN Ag.

Preventing Harm Minnesota

Site Specific Fish Consumption

eHealthy News from Dr. Mercola

MCNC Member Organizations

Beltrami Neighborhood Council

Columbia Park Community Organization

The Hawthorne Area Community Council

The Hawthorne Area Community Council seeks to improve the quality of life in the Hawthorne Neighborhood through empowering residents in order that they can address the physical, cultural, social and economic needs of the community.

Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood Association